Living in the past

We have always had an involvment with printing and publishing, either through The Line directly or via projects with which we have been involved, but now we are taking a big, exciting step further.

In addition to the cards which we produce 4 or 5 times a year, and the small, CD format calendar of Elisabet's photographs which has proven to be very popular, The Line Publishing will release its first book this autumn.

'Living in the past', is a series of short stories by Robin Poppelsdorff, a writer, teacher and translator who lives both in Italy and in France. The stories will be illustrated with photographs by Siljes Elisabet Thorin and Alan Walker, and will be available in November. Publication will co-incide with an exhibition of black and white photography by Elisabet and by Colin Homes which will run from Saturday October 4th.

We are very hopeful that this first step will lead further.